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Automobilek is a leading supplier of high quality goods and services with the latest technology and technics to deliver quality services to our distinguished customers and keep pace with modern market.

Founded by Emad Hassan 1/6/2018. Automobilek puts the customer at the top of its priorities. Therefore, the company depends on the implementation of high standards of quality that gives customers a sense of satisfaction and reflects a positive impression. High quality goods and services provided by Automobilak include: installing a car seat cover with various materials and designs as well as the renewal of doors and roofs of cars as well as a large variety of car accessories.

Automobilek is characterized by the continuous improvement of the quality of
service and the skills of a carefully trained professional team to ensure that the
customer is fully satisfied.

Automobilek is not just a place to buy something, Automobilek is a place to give you something.

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